Daydreaming with Barack Obama’s dinner menu

Add the culinary world to the list of folks that are excited for the tenure of our 44th President-Elect Barack Obama. How so? Scores of chefs are jumping at the chance to be the White House’s executive chef, and some other chefs would love to partake in the inauguration festivities. The dude is from Hawaii and lives in Chicago, of course he’ll love food.

As President-Elect Obama builds up his staff, he’s also going to have to build up his kitchen. With two growing girls and his focus on healthy and safe foods, it’ll be interesting to see who Obama will pick to be the executive chef. He loves Rick Bayless’ take on regional Mexican and even Carmelo Anthony could be affected by the chef choice! This whole personal chef thing blows my mind.

Last week, the Seattle Times AP released this really great article of top-notch chefs and what they would make for Barry’s inauguration party. Distinguished chefs such as Rick Bayless, Eric Ripert, Charlie Trotter, and Andrew Zimmern each have their own ideas on what they’d serve for the party. Rachael Ray stepped in, but the best she could do is sliders. Probably because she could do this in 30 minutes.

All of this talk about Obama’s food opportunities got me thinking; if I had the massive resources that he has ahead of him, what would I have on the menu? If I could have my pick of chef, who would it be? If I was the honoree at the most anticipated and exciting party of our generation, what would I serve? I still don’t know these answers, but I am awfully envious that our new President-elect can actually make these choices.

-Update 1/14 – And it’s been announced; The First Family will retain the current executive chef of the White House. Congrats Cristeta Comerford. Read my take on things here.

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