Brunch at the Tilikum Place Cafe

This past weekend, we had brunch at one of Seattle’s newest restaurants; Tilikum Place Cafe. First heard of it from a Daily Candy email; because they highlighted that Tilikum Place Cafe has baked eggs, a trip to grab a bite at this new spot was in order.

Tilikum Place Cafe is located in a part of town that isn’t really Belltown and really isn’t Lower Queen Anne. It’s right off of Fifth and Denny where Fifth turns into Cedar. Near the statue of Chief Sealth under the monorail. It took us a bit to find it, but now that we know, it’s super easy to find.

We went for the brunch to have the baked eggs. I do enjoy baked (or shirred eggs), and those at Tillikum Place Cafe were pretty good. They served them in small cast iron pans and it was two eggs, some diced onion, cream, spinach, and toasted breadcrumbs. This was delightfully decadent. Spread over their baguette and it made for quite the bistro meal.

Also on the brunch menu for us was something they called ‘Dutch babies’. They were baked pancakes with roasted apples. Sounds simple, but as we know, simple doesn’t always mean easy. Also, cooked in cast iron, the edges were nice and crispy, the dough of the pancake was still dense and quite filling.

I have to mention the orange juice. It was fresh squeezed! I do love a good OJ, and I had to help myself from downing it! After getting used to drinking other orange juice, I got used the taste of juice that was a slight bit processed. Fresh squeezed is awesome. I would do it myself if it didn’t require a bushel of oranges, a juicer, and tons of elbow grease.

I look forward to other visits to Tilikum Place Cafe to see what’s in store in dinner and visit a few months down the road to see how they’ve evolved. With a pub/bistro take on the decor and a few locals at the bar, its a great place to eat while watching the street out the big windows. These alums from the Palace Kitchen do provide a unique restaurant experience in that odd part of Seattle. Whatever you want to call it.

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