Jimmy John’s Jubilation

A benefit of working in Pioneer Square is that its character and history is everywhere. You have Occidental Park, the epicenter of the First Thursday artwalk, Elliott Bay Book Company, the Underground tour, and the pergola. And there are so many great places to grab something to eat for lunch; Tat’s, Grand Central, Salumi, and Jimmy John’s – a sandwich shop with its own character and one that I really like.

When you go to JJ’s you go for the sandwiches. And they are good. Quite good. What elevates these sandwiches is the bread. It’s so addictive. Chewy, fresh, great flavor; the bread is what keeps me coming back again and again. It’s a french loaf, and apparently they have a multi-grain wheat. I’ve never had the wheat, because I’m brainwashed on the standard bread.

From the sandwich menu, my favorites are the Turkey Tom (#4 w/cheese) and the Italian Night Club (#9 w/hot peppers). The #4 is a turkey sub with sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber. Nice to have all those veggies to offset the amount of mayo they load on. I also like the #9 because the salami and peppers provide a nice spice to give it a ton of flavor. It helps to order with numbers because the staff calls them out by number rather than by name.

When you get the sandwich you’ll notice that they aren’t skyscraper tall. This is because they scoop out a bit of the bread inside to put in the ingredients. This is a sandwich technique to hold in the contents so things don’t slide all over, and it provides a little well to hold even more stuff.

Another thing is that the service is very up front. As soon as you step in, you’ll be peppered with a greeting asking what you want. When you do decide, the sandwich will come out super fast. As in you can get in and out in less than three minutes. Super fast food. And don’t fret if there is a long line, it’ll move. As a chain, there are Jimmy John’s all over, and a bunch in the Seattle area. I particularly like the Pioneer Square one because it’s next to Cow Chip Cookies on First and Yesler; my love of cookies is well documented, so of course I’ll grab something there.

I’ve talked about a bunch of my favorite lunch spots in Seattle; from cheesesteaks to chinese barbecue pork to a famous charcuterie; I’ll add Jimmy John’s to my list of places to grab a midday bite.

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