Le bon temps a bin vivant

In other words, ‘a good time at bin vivant’. Went with some friends for the Dine Around Seattle event and a good time at bin vivant is what we had! Yes, they like to lowercase their name, but they do have a cool logo. Though our first impression through a parking lot and hotel, always tough with a restaurant; but our overall impression of bin vivant was a good one.

bin vivant is located in the Woodmark Hotel along Kirkland’s Carillon Point. Yup, it’s in a hotel. The talent that comprises the backbone of bin vivant makes it a place to keep an eye on. On one hand, you have the wine director, Dawn Smith, who comes from Canlis. On the other is Lisa Nakamura, formerly of Qube and The French Laundry. Their collective pedigree creates heightened expectation, but their restaurant has the potential to be one of the better dining destinations in Kirkland.

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