Halo Halo Happyness

Chowking Halo Halo

One of the things I most look forward to when I go to the Philippines is Halo Halo. Especially Chowking’s version. Halo Halo is a treat that pulls from different cultures, but is distinctly Filipino. It happens to be one of my favorite things.

First off, Halo Halo is pronounced ‘hollow hollow’ not ‘hey-low, hey-low’. Now that we got that out of the way it means ‘mix mix’. Clever, huh? And it is quite the mix. But what is Halo Halo? We know it’s a dessert, but it has a ton of interpretation. You start with a base of ice shavings, then it’s up to you. I love Chowking’s Halo Halo, because they bring the ruckus with ingredients. Some ube, a couple of scoops of ice cream, a piece of flan, some crushed puffed rice. It doesn’t stop there – there are also garbanzo beans, jackfruit, other candied goodies – and then they drizzle some condensed milk. This is their version, but you’ll find different takes of Halo Halo from most any Filipino food place.

Sounds a little odd but this remix of a dessert is awesome. Tons of flavor, texture and color. Like any good remix it has a lot of possibilities. When eating it, some people do their own personal Girl Talk and mash everything up. I like to do a modest mash, still keeping separation of all the good stuff. I do enjoy Filipino food, now I just need to find a taste of the Philippines in Seattle! Kawali Grill in Columbia City perhaps? Haven’t been to Inay’s in a while, maybe they have it. Of course, there are Chowking’s in California, maybe a field trip is in order.

I do love halo halo, it is a unique treat that is distinctively Filipino. And yes, Filipino food is more than chicken adobo and lumpia.

Going for Seconds in the Philippines

Was in the Philippines for a week earlier this month. Wasn’t able to stay as long as I like, but still had a great time. When I go its several days of eating, shopping and chilling, and more eating, and even more eating. Filipino’s are a food loving people, no wonder where I get it from! Here is an account of my food exploits in the islands of the Philippines. Amid the humidity, congestion, and smog, I was able to find food enlightenment and appreciation.

This trip wasn’t long, but I was able to hit up some spots. McDonald’s. Yup, went to a McDonald’s in the Philippines. You know what? I had fun. One thing that you always gotta do is hit up a McDo in a foreign country. Just to check out the menu. In the PI they have fried chicken (although every place has fried chicken…) and McSpaghetti. Different yes, weird no. When you encounter with culture nothing is weird. Wouldn’t you think it’s weird for a lifelong pizza place to dabble in sandwiches? Go to a Domino’s and you know what I mean.

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