Veraci Pizza open in Ballard

Yet another reason Nancy Leson is awesome; she informs us that Veraci Pizza has opened their restaurant in Ballard. If you’re not familiar with their pizza or haven’t been to the Fremont or Ballard Sunday Market’s, you’re in for some good stuff.

It’s been a long time coming with the MyBallard and other folks clamoring for their pizza.  But it’s open and their location is in that part of Ballard before it hits PhinneyWood. Or for you food geeks it’s across the street from Bruce Naftaly’s Le Gourmand. Veraci Pizza‘s hours are from 11-9 daily and for the swarms of people flooding the Ballard area, another great option for food.

Really look forward to going, but it sounds like the lines are rather burly. May have to let the crowds die down a bit. Look forward to visiting soon!