Our own local version of Food TV. Sorta.

When nothing is on TV, but you really don’t want to do anything else except watch TV, what do you do? You check out OnDemand and see what’s on. And if you’re a food nerd like me you stumble upon this cool show called The Bite Cooks!

I think it’s really cool. It’s a series of shows on OnDemand that features the Chef in the Hat, Thierry Rautureau, interviewing other local Seattle area chefs while they cook. The people behind Crush, Volterra, SeaStar, amongst others are featured. It’s always interesting to hear the perspectives of the people behind the restaurants we love.

You’ll learn all sorts of interesting tips and proper ways to prepare dishes. Did you know that Alaska has its own sea salt that mirrors Maldon flakes? You’ll also learn why some of these folks won’t be knocking down the Food Network’s doors. Some are much more dynamic in a kitchen than they are in front of a camera. It is kind of fun to see these chefs behave in these instances. They’re kind of goofy.

Spend some time with these shows when nothing else is on television. You’ll be surprised what you can learn. They run through May, so plenty of time for your take on these dishes. It’s on OnDemand and something to watch in lieu of pro basketball.

The path to find it on OnDemand is: OnDemand -> Get Local -> Around the Sound -> New Cuisine -> and you’re there!