Shirred eggs are super easy

Shirred eggs. Another way to say baked eggs. And it’s a super easy way to make a good meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatev. The cool thing about shirred eggs is that while you have complete freedom with the ingredients, the most important thing is technique.

What first turned me onto shirred eggs is the oeuf plats, jambon, fromage dish at Cafe Presse and it’s sister restaurant Le Pichet. They do theirs with two eggs, a slice of ham, and gruyere. Simply broiled, alongside a baguette this is an awesome meal. And it’s so simple! We love it and figure it’s something we can do ourselves.

Saveur’s recent breakfast issue suggested tips on shirred eggs and it provided a base on how to do it ourselves. Let’s roll. First thing you need to bakeware dish that could handle the broiler of your oven. I’d suggest a petite au gratin from Le Creuset or this little bad boy from Crate and Barrel. Fire up your oven to Broil. While it heats up, butter the dish, and put in a few eggs. Then it’s up to you what to put in for the ingredients. You could follow the model that Cafe Presse does and simply lay on a slice of ham and cheese. You could even add herbs, veggies, or other meats of your choosing.

Suggestions? For herbs, maybe marjoram, basil, or thyme. Veggies; tomatoes, green onions, or diced bell peppers. Meat, maybe those of the cured variety; bacon, prosciutto, anything! Add some cheese too! Any could work; parmesan, manchego, abbaye del belloc would all be nice.

So yes, after you have your culinary masterpiece ready throw it under the broiler for 3-5 minutes. Make sure the whites are set, but the yolks aren’t overdone. And that’s it! Get some toasted bread, a butter knife and you’re ready to roll! This is super easy and so good. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper. Maybe hit it off with some chopped parsley for color too.

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