Prix Fixe Party

This November starts another great food event throughout the Seattle area. It’s called Dine Around Seattle, and I love it! This is a great event to try out restaurants you’ve always wanted at a bit more approachable prices. Basically, some of the finer restaurants in Seattle have prix fixe menus during the month. You’ll get three dishes; an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for 30 bucks. That’s why they call it 3 for 30. Pretty good prices for a fancypants dinner.

We’ve been going the last few years now to try out places; we’ve been to Campagne, Brasa, Oceannaire, Barolo, and a few others. It always makes for a fun evening to have dinner with friends and compare notes. Plus with the prices a bit more controlled you can partake in more wine!

A few tips, take a look at the Dine Around Seattle website at the restaurants’ menus. You’ll get an idea for what interests you. Make reservations! Some of these places are very popular, so peace of mind with a reservation will help. Be mindful that the promotion only goes from Sunday to Thursday. Also, think about location. It’s not just Seattle, some of the restaurants are on the Eastside and outlying neighborhoods.

This year, we’ll be going one of these nights; we’ve always wanted to visit Nishino, maybe there? Bin Vivant? Choices! Dine Around Seattle kicks off on November 2nd and rolls through the 30th. Have fun and eat up.

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