Steelhead Diner

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a restaurant to take out-of-towners, I always suggest the Steelhead Diner. I love this place. It’s located in the Pike Place Market and it is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.

Why do I like it so much? It could be the location; in the heart of Pike Place, so they lean heavily on goods from folks in the market. It could be the decor; funky with fly fishing lures dotting all over. It could be the view; overlooking Elliott Bay, taking in the Olympic Mountains. It could be the owners; the husband and wife team of Kevin and Terresa Davis and their hospitality. It’s all of these things combining with the awesome food.

We’ve mentioned our experience at the bar of Steelhead Diner and the great experience we’ve had there. All of our visits have been a lot of fun and we’ve never hesitated to go back. We’ve brought friends, family, and also gone for a quiet evening. It also has some good local reviews and another cool thing? Mario Batali likes it here!

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