Crazy for Croissants

Growing up and getting a croissant from the bakery at Frederick & Nelson’s with my dad is one of my most favorite memories. Whenever we would be in downtown, we would walk to the ‘Arcade’ and my dad would get a croissant for my brother and I to share and one for himself. A big part of why I love croissants is the nostalgia I have for them. Another is because butter is a main ingredient.

Croissants are an exercise in the excellence of butter. Light and flaky, loaded with buttery goodness. You can get some with chocolate, some with ham and cheese, but the basic croissant is always the way to go. How can you tell when one is good? In my opinion I’d say it’s the things I mentioned earlier, but also that in your mouth it’s on the verge of melting, it tastes fresh and springy, not dense. You’re eating a croissant not sliced bread!

Thankfully we have some great options for croissants in Seattle. While none of them I will remember as fondly as Frederick & Nelson’s, they are all very good in their own right. Here are the places to check out:

  • Boulangerie Nantaise – Located on the north end of Fourth Avenue off Battery, their croissants are notable for their size. They are about the size of your head. This place is a hidden gem, go find it.
  • Le Panier – In the Pike Place Market, Le Panier is always packed with people, some are tourists and some are locals looking for baked goods. Their croissants are smaller so they are not such a big undertaking, but still very, very good.
  • Bakery Nouveau – This is Chef William Leaman’s spot in West Seattle. Chef Leaman and his team even won the World Cup of Baking! Definitely go here. They know how to treat butter properly. Be prepared for a wait though, it is very, very popular.

That’s just a few places with good croissants in Seattle, others of note are Grand Central Bakery and Cafe Besalu. Go out and enjoy! Hopefully you’ll come to love croissants as much as me.

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