Know your neighbors: Bob’s Quality Meats

Grabbed a postwork meal in the Columbia City neighborhood yesterday, and it gave me the chance to visit one of my favorite houses of protein in Seattle; Bob’s Meat Locker. Technically, it’s called Bob’s Quality Meats, but I think the idea of a Meat Locker is fun. Why do I like this place so much? A bunch of reasons; great service, locally owned business, been around forever, good products, and the best beef jerky in Seattle.

I first learned about Bob’s last year in a search for Bacon Salt. Found my way to the up-and-coming Columbia City area and popped in. Columbia City is growing like crazy. At the south end of Rainier it has a ton of great restaurants and shops. Plus, the meat locker is there.

Stepping into Bob’s Meat Locker and you’ll see the cases of great beef, poultry, and pork. They also have this wall of Louisiana food products to embellish and flavor anything. And there is also a fridge of game meats; rabbit, goat, and duck. You’ll love the service. It helps that it’s been family owned for as long as there has been a Columbia City, and they take great pride in their products. There is also a big poster that has baby photos from their long time customers. Fair to say the neighborhood means a lot to the folks at Bob’s Meat Locker.

The beef jerky. It is awesome. The best in Seattle. Stop buying the stuff from the grocery store and get some from here. Bold flavor, not too salty, not too tough, pretty much perfect. Since you’ll be getting it at a place that actually appreciates your service you’ll want to go back again. And again. And grab some steak for dinner.

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