NorthWest Stir

Last week I received my monthly email from Northwest Stir. Always a great source for information to the NW food scene, NW Stir goes over restaurant openings, recipes, events, etc. It’s an awesome resource to bump up your food knowledge. Sign up for the newsletter, it’s free and only comes once a month.

This month’s issue also had a really interesting article about food blogging. The premise was that food blogging is such a massive resource of information and how it can impact restaurants. It brought up some great points; that bloggers usually only give a restaurant a one-and-done review. No follow up. While traditional reviews visit a place a couple of times to develop an opinion over these experiences. Bloggers have a voice and use it, but this presents a challenge because their voices may not be fair and they might not have the depth of knowledge to tackle a subject like they should. While reviewers are paid for these opinions and their experience is built around their palate. All interesting stuff and worth reading.

As a food blogger, I’ve made it a point to not represent myself as a food critic, just a guy that likes to share information. I’m not aiming to analyze my experience and forcefeed an opinion. When I visit a restaurant and choose to write about it, my goal is purvey what I found interesting and what I enjoyed. Not to be overtly critical and inflict my opinion. My word about a place isn’t gospel, it’s just my take on an experience.

Basically, read as much as you can about the places you want to put your money into. Take everything with a grain of salt and find a balance between a written review from a food critic and an opinion from a food blogger.

Other cool stuff from this month’s NW Stir:

  • Info on November’s Dine Around Seattle
  • Horse Heaven Hills Wine Growers
  • John Howie’s new SeaStar in South Lake Union

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