FroYo Fo Sho.

You may our may not have noticed this, but there has been an explosion of frozen yogurt places in Seattle. They are everywhere. Crazycherry in Capitol Hill. Mooberry in Ballard. Red Mango in U-Village and Downtown. I’m sure I’m missing some, but they are everywhere. I’ve only been to Red Mango and Mooberry, so let’s talk about them.

Mooberry is in Ballard across the street from the Majestic Bay theatre, and they also have smoothies on the menu. They have a couple of different flavors of froyo on their menu and some toppings. The thing I like best about Mooberry is that they give you a ton of yogurt. A nice serving and theirs has a good creamy tang. They also give a discount for movie watchers.

Red Mango feels like stepping into an Apple Store that specializes in frozen yogurt. There are employees everywhere and the store is awash in white. Their toppings are excellent; the berries are fresh and they even have mochi as a topping. The staff is super friendly; be prepared for a ton of smiles. Something I wasn’t as crazy about in my first couple of Red Mango visits was that the staff was weighing the portions. I chalk this up to the staff getting use to pulling the lever, but during my most recent visit, they gave us massive portions.

That leads me to cost, these new frozen yogurt places are expensive relative to the old standby of TCBY. Most places will charge a buck a topping. A medium with a topping will be over five bucks. Yikes. It’s too bad TCBY’s are all outside of the Seattle area.

But that still won’t stop the masses from coming thanks to Pinkberry, which started the craze for froyo. (Have you seen their American Express ads?) Since their expansion in WA is slow going, places like Red Mango and Mooberry are filling the Seattle void. And the next dessert craze that’s about to hit Seattle? Frozen custard. We’ll be getting one near the Whole Foods on Roosevelt. My friends from the middle will love this.