Oyster Frenzy at Flying Fish

If you love bivalves, then this event is for you. It’s Flying Fish’s Oyster Frenzy and it’s a day of oyster decadence. It’s on Saturday 10/25 from 1-4pm and it’s all you can eat. That’s right all you can eat oysters. Buy your tickets now as this event sells out often.

We went a few years ago and a had a great time. I lost count of how many I had when all was said and done. There were freshly shucked oysters, oysters Rockefeller, and oyster stew. Whatever else they had, chances are there were oysters in it. We loved this event.

Be mindful that with it selling out and a short time frame, it can get packed in the place. There will be hands flying in every direction when food is in the vicinity. My advice; get there early, try to grab a plot of space to have a basecamp, try everything, have a plan of what you want (the cooked stuff is in the back) and make sure to thank the shuckers, they are working like crazy. Most of all…

Have fun!

One more thing, the folks at Marx Foods is holding a contest where you can win four dozen oysters. Check it out!

Photo from oysters4me’s Flickr.