Pho Week: Pho Bac

To conclude Pho Week, we’ll be visiting Pho Bac. This is my favorite place for pho in Seattle, and I’m not the only one. Another thing that is really cool is that Tom Douglas likes the pho here. Always nice when one of the best food dudes in Seattle likes a place. If you take everything that Pho Bac brings to the table, you’ll understand why I think Pho Bac has the best pho in Seattle.

Located on Seventh Ave in the ID between Jackson and King, you’ll notice it’s blue awning and neon cow in the window. Why a neon cow? No idea. But stepping in you’ll see a very basic and humble restaurant. The aroma of the place is unique, pungent from a day of broth cooking, you’ll notice it right off the bat. If you’re lucky the music that will be playing will be some Vietnamese standards, this only adds to the authenticity. Another thing I like is that you’ll be seated within a minute. In the next moment you’ll be asked what you’d like to order. If you know what you want, you’ll be able to get seated, ordered, and served in less than 10 minutes. Awesome.

Pho Bac III on Urbanspoon

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