Pho Week: Pho Cyclo

In our continuing series on the goodness of pho in our esteemed city, we find ourselves at Pho Cyclo, in particular their location on Broadway.

We first discovered Pho Cyclo doing a little research on pho places; wanting to branch out and try some new places that others really enjoyed. That led us to Pho Cyclo and their recommendation by the Chef in the Hat. Thierry Rautereau is one of the more dynamic personalities in Seattle’s food scene. With Rover’s being regarded as one of the finest French restaurants in town, we figured he knew good food. And finding out that he liked Pho Cyclo we had to give it a shot.

Pho Cyclo Cafe on Urbanspoon

We’ve been going to Pho Cyclo for a good while now; at first it was their SoDo location across the street from Sears, but their hours are more suited to the office crowd, so we migrated to Capitol Hill’s Pho Cyclo. Located on Broadway across the street from Urban Outfitters; Pho Cyclo is a fun little spot. Where else could you hear Vietnamese pop songs next to selections from Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias, and The Pussycat Dolls? Plus they have this delightfully oddball mural on the south wall that’s a shot of a Vietnamese town. And it has purple lights dotting it.

But the pho. Their broth leans on the sweeter side, but still embraces the meaty goodness that’s a hallmark of broth. I would drink this straight up. But their add-ons are a bit different; you’ll get this little dish of ginger-chile sauce and pickled onions. You won’t find this at many other pho places, but these two ingredients will add a nice little bite. And of course they’ll have basil, sprouts, lime, and chiles. You may need to ask for more basil though.

I also love Pho Cyclo because they have beef tendon as one of the choices. I love this stuff; gelatinous, chewy, rich, and beefy, I find myself fishing for the tendon when I’m close to being done. They also have a ton of other combinations that would enable you to exercise your inner control freak.

Another thing about Pho Cyclo is that the service is super friendly, but very reserved. We’ve talked about how the experience of pho places is to provide space to their guests and not be overly attentive. For many, this could come off as rude, but at Pho Cyclo it’s anything but.

Give Pho Cyclo a shot; for my large #14 with extra noodles and her small #1 and a Coke, it only set us back about 17 bucks. I love cheap eats. Plus they provide tea on the house. But you may need to ask for more napkins. They only give you one, and you’ll need more. Trust me on this one.

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