Eat at Tat’s



One of the many great things about working in Pioneer Square is the access to great lunch spots. We have great delis, sandwich shops, and not to mention a hop skip and a jump away from the ID. One of my early discoveries is also one of my favorites: Tat’s Delicatessen.

What’s Tat’s you ask? An awesome place to grab a cheesesteak sandwich. Right on Occidental, between Yesler and Main lies Tat’s, you’ll know it by the line out the door: the other P-Square worker bees know what’s up.

The cheesesteaks at Tat’s are worth grabbing for when hunger strikes and definitely grab one on Seahawks Sunday. Now I’m not from Philadelphia so I won’t pull the snob card, but I love the cheesesteaks and subs here.

You get your philly and can choose the cheese; white cheddar and cheez whiz are the classics. Me? I roll provolone. And adding onions (wit) or peppers are up to you. The combo of the meat, cheese, etc is so good. And nothing is overpowering: sometimes philly’s can be greasy, but these won’t feel that heavy. That way your afternoon isn’t shot and you can still impress your boss with productivity.

Bear in mind Tat’s is only open until 4pm during the work week and during Seahawks home games, so your window is small, but oh so worth it. You’ll be happy to show em your Tat’s.

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