Picnic Point

Looking up info on Phinney Ridge we found Picnic, a new food and wine boutique along the main strip of Phinney. Food, wine and new? Of course we had to visit!

Walking into Picnic you’ll notice that they have a wall of wine, a seating area, and their glass case full of goodies. The space is nice and you could see that the design was well thought out. We looked into the case and noticed something curious that we had to ask about; it was housemade pork rillette. My tastebuds started to flutter; rillettes are the most awesomest spread ever. They are a type of meat that are cooked in their own fat and allowed to solidify. Spread it over a baguette and you’re on the verge of being a bonafide Francophile. It’s rad.

As we spent more time in Picnic we were able to talk with Jenny, one of the owners of Picnic along with her husband Anson. Today was the opening day of Picnic and you could see their excitement and exasperation connected with opening their own business. With a background in food, Jenny and Anson will surely bring great things to the neighborhood.

Jenny noted that Picnic will have an assortment of stuff; fresh pastas, to-go food, wine tastings, and more. She mentioned how they’ll focus on Northwest wines, but also introducing cool wines from places like Austria. Jenny also said that they’ll be having a tasting in October with O’Shea Scarborough, and for November it will Tertulia Cellars. Will definitely go to that one as Tertulia’s Viognier is awesome.

Go visit Picnic and partake in the goodies that Anson and Jenny have in store for us! Grab some salumi and or cheese and maybe grab some wine! Your ascension towards food enlightment will love it.

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