Oyster Happy Hour at Whole Foods



This afternoon, went out to lunch with my mom. She’s never been to Whole Foods’ SeaSmoke Cafe, so we went there to partake in their meats and seafood. Of course it was good, but we also found out about a really cool event that Whole Foods is having for this Tuesday.

Go to the cafe up front Tuesday 9/30 for Oyster Happy Hour from 6-8pm. The deal is 50¢ per oyster, $3 for half dozen, and $6 for a dozen. Deal! Inspired by the event on Tuesday we grabbed some oysters too. Gold Creek, Kumamoto, and Kushi. The Gold Creek were a little briny, the Kumamoto were sweet, and the Kushi (my personal favorite) were creamy. It’s amazing how oysters can have such different flavors.

Head down to the Whole Foods on Westlake and Denny Tuesday and get full on bivalves! They’ll also have some other foods and drink specials, so indulge, imbibe, and enjoy!