Capitol Hill’s Poppy

It’s fair to say that Poppy is the most anticipated restaurant to open in Seattle. With good reason too. The chef/owner is the celebrated Jerry Traunfeld, who gained international recognition as the chef of The Herbfarm. Jerry has authored several books and was creating lyrical and impressive food, but one little visit to India introduced him to a new style of cooking that put the wheels in motion to revolutionize the Seattle food scene.

When you consider Jerry’s pedigree and what Poppy is achieving you can definitely appreciate the undertaking. Located on the north end of Broadway right off of Roy, Poppy is part of a revitalization of that area.

Jerry’s skill in the kitchen is well documented, so the opportunity to have his food was something that I looked forward to. And a lot of people were excited for Poppy to arrive too. When I found out that they were ready to open and take reservations, I jumped at the chance to be a part of the scene.

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