Branzino é buono!

Branzino is the new cool fish of the moment. Branzino is also the new cool restaurant in Belltown. Opening earlier this summer to much fanfare, Branzino is a fun restaurant that introduces some really great techniques and food to the eaters of Seattle.

Located at the intersection of 2nd and Wall, Branzino is on the same block with some other great restaurants and it shines for adding hip freshness to the Seattle dining scene. Opened by Peter Lamb of Il Bistro and Queen City Grill fame, he brought on Chef Ashley Merriman (from Brasa) to execute the menu. In addition to these two, there are other folks that helped bring the bistro to fruition.

We went this weekend for a group dinner and really enjoyed ourselves. After reading up on some fun reviews on the joint, we were excited to experience it for ourselves. Stepping into the space, it was awash with orange and wood. Very inviting and warm. Off to a good start.

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