Takeout Lookout #1

Grabbed some takeout from Malena’s Taco Shop at the top of Queen Anne, and wanted to show off a really cool spot to sit, relax and chowdown. This picture was taken from a park bench off of the Magnolia bridge, between the terminals and Amgen. It sits on the trail from Myrtle Edwards park, so walkers, runners, and bikers swoop. It’s a nice relaxing spot on a cut of Elliot Bay that’s perfect to unwind and enjoy some takeout.

To find it, take Elliot/15th and turn onto the Magnolia bridge, but take the Terminal 86-91 exit and turn towards Amgen. Swing right and you’ll see the parking lot and some benches. Park, enjoy the view, and exhale! Keep an eye on the water too, you may see some fish jump out of the water or harbor seals checking out the scene.

Finding little nooks to enjoy your neighborhood and your present company is always a gift; where will your takeout take you?