Crawfish. In Lake Washington.

Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads, Mudbugs, whatever you call them, you can find them locally in Seattle! From the muddy depths of Lake Washington. I was just as surprised as you are that we have this little Southern treat in our corner of the Pacific Northwest.

This weekend we went to Pike Place Market to play tourist and see what’s shaking at Pike Place Fish Market, where my friend Anders is one of the famed fish throwers. We saw the live crawling little buggers and were immediately curious! From what Anders told us, the Lake Washington variety is much larger than those found in Louisiana and the peak season runs from May to October. We had to get some. Definitely for the curiousity but also for the chance to have our own crawfish boil. (We also had to get some clams, corn on the cob and fresh Uli’s sausage to fill the pot for tonight!)

Yet another reason to love the Pike Place Market and the goods you can find there.

2 thoughts on “Crawfish. In Lake Washington.

  1. While I don’t think I’ll be scouring the floor of lake Washington for more crawfish anytime soon, I must say, the boil was fab! Here’s to a being adventurous on a Sunday night!

  2. that is amazing. i can’t believe you got crawfish up there! maybe leaving the south for the nw isn’t so scary after all…

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