Bakery gem in White Center – Salvadorean Bakery

White Center probably wouldn’t be one of the first places to find a food gem, but at the corner of 17th and Roxbury lies the Salvadorean Bakery & Restaurant. I’m glad I went because I really, really enjoy baked goods, and they have some of the best in Seattle.

The outside of the Salvadorean Bakery is very nondescript. Inside there’s a small shop and a decent sized dining room. But the counter of baked goods is where it’s at; a glowing example of the greatness of carbs. There’s the usual fare; cookies, cakes, breads, etc., which are all good. But there is a ton of really unique stuff that’s worth trying. They even had Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite: churros! Definitely get the Salvadorean Quesadilla; an awesome little cake (not a tortilla most are used to). The texture is rad; the crisp edges and buttery goodness rock. Get one of these. Get one of everything! The prices are great!

But it’s not just the bakery that’s exciting: the lunch and dinner items are quite alluring. Folks love the pupupas; I will definitely have to try those when I go back. It really is a great place to grab something to eat. And don’t just take my word for it, there have been a lot of great articles on this place.

Go out and discover places that could surprise you. White Center has these places, and there are more out there; I can’t wait to find them.

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4 thoughts on “Bakery gem in White Center – Salvadorean Bakery

  1. I absolutely love this place! My Step-Mom is from El Salvador so I take her here or get her stuff from there whenever possible. U HAVE TO EAT THE PUPUSAS!!! If you want some company, let me know next time you head to this West Seattle bakery! My hubby and I would take any opportunity to go back. Another good place for Salvadoran food is Mi Chaleteca not far from Northgate in Seattle.

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