A Moose at home in Mexico

Look past Ballard’s rep as the place to say ‘you betcha’ freely and Ballard shines brightly to those that love food. We’ve talked about Paseo’s sublime sandwiches and Lunchbox Laboratory’s experiments, but there is so much more to discover in our little Nordic oasis. One of these places is Señor Moose Café. We’re a little late to the party with discovering Señor Moose, but at least we’re fashionably late.

Right along Leary before it hits Market St, is this little cafe. An awning announces ‘Senor Moose Cafe’. We’ve seen it before, but never stopped in. A few weeks ago, we saw tons of people outside the doors and wondered what were we missing out on. We had to go. We knew nothing about the place, but we took the leap.

And now we’ve found one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Seattle. If you haven’t been, go! It’s so good; unique dishes, fun atmosphere, ice cold beer; everything you could ask for in a neighborhood restaurant. The folks at Señor Moose state that their food is inspired from the kitchens of Mexico’s central plateau. I’ve never been to the central plateau, but my tastebuds enjoyed the trip. I can’t wait to get full there again.

When you go, get there early or be prepared to wait. We went on a Sunday right after they opened at 5pm, and by 5:30 they were full. And definitely try the esquites as a starter. It’s awesome; corn off the cob with a thick cream, it’s mouthfeel is amazing. You’ll love it. And the rest of the food, you’ll probably like a lot of that too.

Senor Moose on Urbanspoon

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