Caught in a Blind

A blind tasting is a good way to test your wine drinking palate. When you add the criteria that no bottle surpasses $15, it can make things rather tricky. This is what happened last night at Seattle Uncorked.

David LeClaire is the main dude behind Seattle Uncorked; he knows a thing or two about wine and events. Seattle Uncorked is a social networking and drinking club that has events every few weeks. Great chance to network and drink wine. Business cards aren’t required, nor is snootiness. Last night, the blind tasting fee was $10 and we were treated to some good wines (and some not so good) but we also had some good food courtesy of Herban Feast.

Events like this happen all the time, so sign up today to join the fun of Seattle Uncorked. Membership is free if you sign up by the end of the year! Next up is a BC/Okanagan tasting of wines that David personally brought back from Canada. I’m intrigued, as are you, eh?

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