Sprung for Spring Hill

In the last few years, West Seattle has started to shed its sleepy reputation and evolved into a distinct and vibrant neighborhood. Nowhere is that more noticeable than along the Junction; home to some of West Seattle’s best restaurants and shops to check out. Spring Hill is a welcome addition to the strip.

Located at California and Oregon (funny cross streets… maybe call it Jefferson Junction?), Spring Hill comes to us from Mark Fuller and his wife Marjorie. Mark’s a graduate of the renowned Culinary Institute of America and served as the head chef at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Lounge. Mark moved on to open Spring Hill to showcase his take on the haul that the Pacific Northwest and all points north could provide. With glowing recent reviews, a visit to Spring Hill was on the docket.

The theme of the menu is geared towards all the great stuff that is available to us locally. Shellfish from Washington, beef from Oregon, fish from Alaska, all are meant to utilize the bounty of our local farmers and fishermen. Armed with this knowledge, we were excited and curious from the local buzz, we looked forward to our dinner at Spring Hill

Spring Hill on Urbanspoon

I’m by no means a restaurant or food critic; I’m just a dude that really likes food and the stories behind it. So here are some of the highlights of what we ordered.

  • Bread & Butter – This was awesome; fresh bread from Dahlia Bakery, with a soft butter spiked with Hawaiian sea salt. Mahalo!
  • Oysters – We love oysters so we were excited to try some of theirs. We ordered two kinds; Kushi oysters and Olympia oysters. Both were really good, a petite size but exploding with flavors. I think Kushi might be our new favorite; good brine, but a finish that was creamy, buttery, and awesome. Recommended
  • Spaetzle – While this wasn’t the dish (it came with the trout), this side was excellent. The trout was good, but these ‘crispy little dumplings’ were great. The dish is a decent portion, so at least you get a lot of fish.
  • The duck – I love duck. It’s sweet, juicy and full of flavor; it’s something I’ll always order if I see it on a menu. Spring Hill does the bird justice. It’s a duck breast that’s been sliced and is suitably undercooked, perfect for duck. The brightness of the orange mustard sauce was a nice touch. And the quinoa biscuit that comes with it? Genius! This was really good. Luckily you get a side of duck with it.

Sadly, wasn’t able to partake in dessert this evening. With a couple of courses already, a bottle of Lange Pinot Noir and a fair share of starch, we limped across the finish line. but the race was definitely worth it.

If you find yourself looking to have a great dinner, make a date to go check out Mark Fuller’s talent on full display at Spring Hill. I have no doubt that it will evolve into one of the finest restaurants in Seattle and is the fountainhead for the neighborhood. Much as Canlis represents the best of Queen Anne, Cafe Juanita to Kirkland, Sitka & Spruce to Eastlake; Spring Hill will represent the best of West Seattle.

Photo courtesy of Ross Mantle and The Seattle Times   

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