A taste of the Caribbean in the land of the Scandinavian

As mentioned on the excellent MyBallard blog, Paseo has recently opened along Shilshole. If you’re familiar with the Paseo location in Fremont you know how popular this place can be. It’s great to know that there is a second location in Seattle to get your fill on Paseo’s sublime Midnight Cuban sandwich, and other goodies like their chicken and prawns.

Go now! You’ll love it! Couple of tips; grab lots of napkins, things can get messy. And bring cash. The prices are great, so twenty or thirty bucks should be good for two. Also, don’t be disappointed if down the road, they’ll be closed when they’d normally be open. The folks at Paseo Fremont like to take vacations. And they close early when they run out of food. Which is often.

Paseo on Urbanspoon