Comfort Food Science Fair

In Ballard along 15th is a food spot that brings some of the most decadent and tasty burgers and comfort food in the city. The spot is Lunchbox Laboratory. And we are thankful to Scott Simpson and Allegra Waggener for bringing it to us. Our tastebuds appreciate it.

The main draw at Lunchbox Laboratory is burgers; from making it your way or trying their ‘daily experiments’ the options are limitless. There is an array of meats, cheese, extras, sauces, and more to choose from. Scott’s Daily Experiments are not to be missed. They are combinations that the chef has concocted that go well together; the names are rad too. Definitely try the Dork! It’s ground pork and duck and the two distinct flavors work really well together. The veggie could either be a falafel/quinoa blend or a portabello mushroom. Just go and try it; you’ll love the burgers.

The Lab also has great dinner and brunch options. Because comfort food is Chef Simpson’s specialty you’ll find one of the better Mac ‘n Cheese in town. And the biscuits and gravy for brunch are awesome. And we can’t forget the shakes and drinks. The flavors for the shakes are so, so good; nutella, Boston cream pie, and green tea sit next to the standards. And the sodas are stuff you wouldn’t find at any burger place. Dublin Dr. Pepper and Mexican coke are available.

Lunchbox Laboratory is a very unique place that is an assault on all your senses! In a good way of course. From the food to the decor to the sassy service, the experience at the Lab is something else. And bring your appetite, you’ll be full in no time. You’ll love every minute of it.

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