Can’t beat the real thing!

Earlier in the year, a friend tipped me off that Costco was selling Mexican Coke. This I had to try. Because Coke is so intrinsic to Mexican culture the bottlers used cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, the flavor should be better. I knew I had to try it.

And now I’m a convert. It’s so much better and it’s now my mission to inform anyone I know the gift of Mexican Coca-Cola. Think of it like this; imagine growing up and only knowing frozen yogurt. It’s good, you like it, but you don’t know there is something different out there and it’s better. Ice cream. That is the jump I notice with Mexican coke to the stuff we normally get.

The flavor is so much deeper. Softer and not as harsh on the palate. The carbonation is restrained and you won’t feel like burping instantly. Another cool thing is that it actually has a smell! And it’s rad! It reminds me of fresh cinnamon rolls, very pleasing and smooth. It’s just a better product!

I highly suggest you make your way to Costco or your local Latino grocery store and pick it up in the delightfuly retro glass bottle. You can even grab it from Amazon. You’ll love it and you’ll never go back to cans or plastic bottles.

Life tastes Good. With Mexican Coca-Cola.


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