C is for Cookie

Much like the Cookie Monster, I too, have an insatiable appetite for cookies. And the recent chocolate chip cookie article that my friend Ana posted from the New York Times made me revisit some old recipes and think of cookies in a new light.

The article mentioned all sorts of great tips on how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. From size, to resting the dough, to sprinkling sea salt, and what type of chocolate, I knew I had to make some with these things in mind.

There are tons of great recipes out there and our friends at Accidental Hedonist have one that is super easy which I’ll use on occasion. I’ve also grown to really like this one from Paula Deen. I figure if anyone knows how to make a truly decadent and tasty cookie it would be Paula. And she delivers.

If you don’t have time to bake your own, luckily in Seattle we have two places that make some awesome chocolate chip cookies. Cow Chip and Il Fornaio. But why stop at just Seattle? Il Fornaio’s are everywhere and Cow Chip will ship!

In the immortal words of the Cookie Monster; “Me want cookie!”

Chocolate Chip Cookies on Foodista

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