Bite of Seattle

Along with the Northwest Folklife Festival in May and Bumbershoot in September, the Bite of Seattle is part of the triumvirate of community events at Seattle Center. The Bite hits the good folks of Seattle in July and it’s the city’s crowning achievement of food, gluttony, excess, and awesomeness. The Bite has always been one of my favorite events, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to appreciate it even more.

The beauty of nostalgia has deepened the colors for me when it comes to the Bite. When I was younger my family would always go and I loved it! In my mind, Seattle Center was this huge massive grounds, there were food vendors everywhere, it wasn’t anywhere near as crowded as it is now, and we would be there until the sun would set. It’s a little different now, mostly in that it’s super crowded and there are really only about four dozen food vendors there

The vibe at the Bite has definitely changed in recent years. Is that bad? No, if anything it’s different, and the glow of my memory only enhances my appreciation of the event. It’s a chance for many to wear their ‘Bite outfit’ they’ve been saving all summer. It’s a chance to walk around with friends and feel important. And you can eat till your more full than you could imagine.

My favorite thing to eat when I was younger were the Filet Mignon sandwiches from Metropolitan Grill. I loved those things. These were one of the things I most looked forward to as I got out of school. Sadly, The Met no longer participates in the Bite, but scores of other great places offer new discoveries.

What are some of your favorite foods at the Bite of Seattle? Is it the roasted corn? Funnel Cakes? Shiskaberries? No matter what, all of these are the right choice!

Setting the bar

“Good things happen when you sit at the bar.”

So she says during our recent dinner at Steelhead Diner. And it’s factually correct, sitting at the bar of an open kitchen is truly awesome. You’re in the midst of all the action, you’re able to talk with the line, chat with the chef, and who knows? You might be surprised what you can learn about your experience.

When you have the chance to sit at the bar take it! For instance, this weekend at Steelhead Diner, we eagerly walked up to the counter outside of Chef Kevin Davis’ open kitchen. We’ve always wanted to do this, especially there, but never have, so seeing a bunch of open seats we had to seize the opportunity.

But it’s not just a Steelhead Diner thing; people all across town are noticing that sitting at the counter in an open kitchen is the ‘cool’ thing to do. You’ll have a great time with your fellow patrons, the other people sitting at the counter will often be regulars; they’ll tell you ins and outs of what to order, trivia, and even gossip!

As mentioned on Nancy Leson’s All You Can Eat blog, there a ton of places all across Seattle where you’ll happily sit on rotating chairs.

It’s a great experience and one you should take at any restaurant or bar. Again, you’ll have to trust me on this one. You’ll love the experience. You’ll even start to wonder what the big deal is about sitting in a booth.