Cooking Tip #1

In my relentless quest to hold in as much information as possible and share it with the world comes this great tip for grilling. I learned it from Cook’s Illustrated. The tip is this; buy an aluminum foil roasting pan to superheat your grill.

When grilling, you want to get those brilliant grill marks on what you’re cooking. Either having those diamond marks or parallel lines, the key is having the grates loaded with enough heat they cause a tight sear on what you’re cooking. This tip helps that process.

Use an aluminum foil pan you’d get at the market to cover the burners where you plan on cooking. This creates a cover over the burners and the grates, where the heat goes back into the grates. This superheating creates an instant sear onto whatever you’re cooking. It’s super helpful and I’ve used it all the time while I’ve grilled. Try it with pineapple or steaks. Or anything.

After about 5-10 minutes of preheating it should be ready. Because the grill is so hot it’ll sear instantly and release easily, so you don’t need to oil the grill.

Enjoy this tip and happy grilling!


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