Whole buncha good food

Tucked away in the back of the Westlake Whole Foods is a food gem. If you’re into getting good food for cheap prices. Walk past the produce and in front of the butcher and fish counters lies the SeaSmoke Cafe.

I must admit in my first few visits to Whole Foods I didn’t know what to make of the cafe. There was a grill, a range, seating, pretty much a tiny 8-seat restaurant. But I used to always walk by it. Then my friend Jen, extolled its virtues. She gushed praise and talked about how much she loved grabbing lunch or dinner there. She described the experience; go to the fish or butcher areas, grab the serving you want and the SeaSmoke cook will make it to order. Seems simple enough, but I still never tried it; chalking it up to a weird idea that I couldn’t really understand.

One day, we gave it a shot and now we are fans. Basically, everything Jen mentioned is spot on. You ask for whatever you like at the counters and bring it to the cooks. Choose your sides and you’re rolling. One time, we grabbed a lamb loin chop and a calamari steak. You pay for the precooked weight of the food. For the two items; seven bucks. Sides are $2.99 for two. So in total two entrees along with two sides each only set us back $14.19. Holy smokes is that a deal.

You can try out anything; ribeye, crab cakes, dover sole, chicken sausage, kabobs, they’ll make anything! And again it’s affordable and made to order.

Trust me you should visit. Others around Seattle know about this foodie hideway.

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