Today we went to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market in search of Mangalitsa. Sadly it wasn’t to be, we were able to grab some Berkshire jowl bacon (stay tuned…). We didn’t let this deter us as this gave us an opportunity to try some new things. Farmer’s markets are always fun in that you’ll walk around aimlessly, but you’ll know you’re in for something good. Produce, meats, flowers, baked goods, etc., basically everything has a chance to be good and ultimately you’ll be supporting small local business, something we should all do.

As we strolled through the market we happened across the Stoney Plains Organic Farms spot with their beautiful array of vegetables. We stood and absorbed the whole scene, figuring out what to do. They happened to have beet greens. My friend Kendall mentioned that beet greens are edible and are excellent! With this knowledge we grabbed a bunch and thought about what else to have for dinner.

Patrick stepped in and suggested trying some kale. He made this an active endeavor to talk about other greens, like lamb’s quarter, kailan and tsoi tsim. He suggested that we try them by tearing off leaves and trying them in the raw. This was so much fun! Trying the product is always a key to creating action. We ended up getting some kailan and tsoi tsim plus a few other items.

At a farmer’s market you can learn about the food, learn about who makes it, how to prepare it, and how to enjoy it. It’s a fuller experience than just going to the grocery store and getting the same ol’ same ol’, you’re able to try something new and feel better for doing so.

Don’t forget to bring a bag. Mayor Nickels would love that.

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